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November 09, 2022

If you have a Sleeping bag thats rated to 32 degree Fahrenheit but its 10 there are a few things you can do to ensure you escape hypothermia. 

1. LAYER UP! Obviously, But sometimes sleeping in a lot of layers after a few beers can lead to a pretty poor nights sleep. Hats and socks and are gonna be your friend here. A lot of heat escapes through the feet!

2. Boil water and put it in your thermos, Hydroflask, Yeti bottle, or whatever over-priced water carrier you're into these days and then put it the foot of your sleeping bag. Heat will escape slowly and keep you warm. 

3. Even if precipitation is a non-issue, use that rain fly you're usually too lazy to set up it will help keep some heat in your tent. make sure to crack the zipper though to let humidity out. 

4. I know you wanna see the stars from that sweet meadow, but get in the trees.

5. Don't get hot and sweaty in all your layers as you're going to bed. If anything, be on the chilly side if it means keeping stuff dry. Moisture will get ya. 

6. Avoid cotton, wear wool. Cotton doest wick moisture. 

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