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About Us.

Sierro was founded by a photographer that has a love for exploring with friends and then envoking that emotion through still images, but here is the thing; you cant wear a still image, so we make gear that envokes the same emotion. The yearning for laughs around the campfire, or high fives on a mountain peak.

So this brand. Sierro. Is about connecting people through; not the same activities, but the same ethos.

To make Gear For The Good Times.

To make that t-shirt you alway pack when youre going to the lakes or to see your friend that moved to texas for some reason.

To make the hat that you wear non-stop for 5 years and then sits on the dash and withers away in the sun, but you cant throw it away because you have laughed, cried, danced, and shared memories with it. Its not jsut fabric, its a symbol of love you have for life.

and in the future, we want to make all the stuff that you use while making your best memories, from tents, to cast iron pans, to socks and more, but we have a wasy to go before we can make that stuff up to our quality standards.

The founder, Max, is born and raised in North Lake Tahoe (california side), then moved around a bunch to to chase snow and try to ski in the olympics (nerd) and now he lives in newport beach and tries to claim hes a surfer (nice try man)

Nitty Gritty

We are working on it....

If you ask really nicely via email i will ship to you, because i love you and want you to spread that Sierro Stoke all over this beautiful planet.

For Returns: Take it easy amigo, we offer free returns and exchanges within 15 days from the date your order ships. Items must be in new, unused condition. No sweaty hats!

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